Talent Management

Full service talent management and career development for artists, musicians, social media influencers, actors, sports stars and more.

Influencer Marketing

We run large-scale campaigns for global and independent brands alike, record labels, TV and media. We can take care of research, creative, contracting, payments, delivery and reports.

Social Media Management

Our deep understanding of the digital landscape allows us to be very effective in all aspects of social media. Our techniques and tools allow us to efficiently grow, manage and monetise online communities.

Brand Development

We will help develop your overall brand value to make it stronger and more unique, ensuring you stand out amongst all the noise.

Content Production

Our team can create bespoke top quality video content for any purpose. The video team have worked with Adidas, Maserati, Microsoft, Puma, Starbucks and many more top tier clients.

Label Services & Distribution

A&R consultancy, songwriting & production, facility hire and global music distribution.

Public Relations

Our digital PR services make sure you are seen and heard in all the right places, giving traditional and digital support to campaigns. From Forbes and Sky News, to VICE and LadBible, we ensure you get the most relevant coverage from the highest authorities in the space.

Event Management

Full service event management and production for corporate clients and bespoke projects.