Hello Music is our music publishing and record label/distribution services division.

A&R Consultancy

Artist development, A&R, strategy, and branding are all services that we offer within our Hello Music division. Our relationships with top-tier producers and songwriters, along with our extensive industry experience and track record for sourcing hit songs, give us every confidence we can deliver exactly what you need.


Administered and in partnership with Sony Music Publishing, our producers and songwriters are responsible for over 50 #1 hits globally, resulting in over 26 Billboard #1’s. Our roster has written and produced hit songs for Justin Bieber, BTS, SuperM, KAI, WayV, NCT127, Cravity, EXO, BonBon Girls, Snoop Dogg, 50 Cent, Chris Brown, Flo Rida, Astrid S, Boyz II Men, Madonna, Eurovision and more. Our songs have totaled 5 billion+ streams.

Hello Publishing works alongside Hello Pictures and Hello Music, sourcing and publishing the best music to be used and synchronized in our own content or in our third-party content. We collect, administer and allocate publishing royalties, as well as pitching music for external briefs.

Label Services

We are partnered with AWAL (Sony Music) for global music, video, and audio distribution/label services.

Music Sync

Our synchronization team has placed music in movies, commercials, trailers, and video games. Our producers are also experienced at creating bespoke jingles for your brand, ensuring you have unique sonic branding to stand out amongst the noise.


We have our own recording studio in central Hollywood, as well as locations in London, New York, Amsterdam, and Brussels.

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